Так кони не стряхнут хвостами в хребты их пьющую луну...
Нужный пост с вариантами металлик-цветов.

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2013-09-06 в 19:28 

WOW! Very beautiful. Looks like I'm in a long line of dragon owners. I'm very interested in getting one. When you are ready to take my order let me know and I'll decide on color then. I too would like to know a price and shipping charges.
Dan - ddk1@comcast.net

2013-09-06 в 19:40 

These are fantastic!

2013-09-06 в 20:08 

I would like a Black one tigger_momma@hotmail.com they are wonderful How much would it be on total

2013-09-06 в 20:25 

I am interested in purchasing one of your dragons. Are you still making these? Please contact me at shellsbells128@yahoo.com.

Thank you,


2013-09-06 в 20:38 

I would love to buy one of your dragons. Need information on cost, shipping, etc.
My email address is: sadsam_honey03@yahoo.com

2013-09-06 в 21:24 

Hey it seems you're backed up with orders! I'm also an American and would love to have one of these. If you could shoot me and email about cost, shipping and details when you have the time would be great! Thanks!


2013-09-06 в 21:46 

Beautiful creations! I am interested; can you please contact me with cost of the dragon, shipping to the US, etc., for a two-tone black with metallic?

Thank you!


2013-09-06 в 21:50 

I would love to purchase one of your beautiful creations. I am delighted with any color. You pick your favorite. My email is sgoldb5785@aol.com.
Let me know a total and I will send payment.
Thank you for selling to international customers.

2013-09-06 в 22:42 

I'm really interested in purchasing one of your dragons. I would like to have one with the color 5.
My email is yoann.ponsi@free.fr .
Let me know the information about the payement.

Thanks !

2013-09-06 в 22:43 

Hello, I am in th US as well. Can you tell that ThinkGeek posted photos online? You are going to be quite busy! Add me to the list. I'll decide color when you need me to make a decision.
Twilightglassworks. (At ) yahoo.com

2013-09-06 в 22:44 

Add my name to your impressive list of "I want one too!" I am also from America and would like to know the cost of these beautiful dragons. Perhaps if you posted this information along with the handling and shipping you will not be getting so many individual emails just orders :-) My email is kllt81@hotmail.com Your work is incredible!

2013-09-06 в 22:57 

Hello. I am also interested in you dragons. Please email me paysonparker@gmail.com
Thank you for you time

2013-09-06 в 23:05 

My email is britdodd@hotmail.com. I am very interested in the green or black one. Can u send me some info about wait time and price. Thank you

2013-09-06 в 23:12 

very interested, in colors #3 and #5, mstjohn@gmail.com, please send wait time, pricing and payment info. Thanks.

2013-09-06 в 23:53 

I am interested in a black one but i dont know which country or monetary system you are using. Please contact me when you get a moment.


Laura Lee

2013-09-07 в 00:24 

hi I would be interested in ordering one of your dragons in metallic green no7. Do you know shipping costs to Great Britain? email me please gillianlamb23@hotmail.co.uk thank you

2013-09-07 в 01:02 

a red one will be good thank e=mail is c_keaney25@live.co.uk am form the uk so need to know who much

2013-09-07 в 01:08 

I would LOVE a black one.
I live in Australia.
Please email me details to i_luuv_bam@hotmail.com
This is the coolest thing ive ever seen.

2013-09-07 в 01:22 

I'm very interested in learning the price of a metallic orange no. 3 dragon or a metallic bronze no. 4. dragon. Please email me details at wackotheweirdo14@gmail.com! The dragons look awesome!

2013-09-07 в 01:53 


My name is Paige, and I live in America. I know you probably have a lot of orders, but do you think you could maybe have one done by the middle/end of November? I'd love to have one in either #3 or #7. My email is bower_paige@yahoo.com, please let me know if you can do it and how to pay you.


2013-09-07 в 02:30 


I would love one of your dragons maybe two. Could you plz e-mail me at carol.a.folk@gmail.com or sweettpea50@yahoo.com. I also would like to know how much they start at in American money.


2013-09-07 в 02:45 

Hi,I am very interested in buying a black and a white dragon.Would you please E-mail me at donna_montoya16@yahoo.com with your prices and how I may order one.Thank you Donna

2013-09-07 в 04:01 

I am very interested in getting one of these. Is it possible to do one in two colors as in the first example you posted previously? Please let me know at jboyko82@gmail.com Thank you.

2013-09-07 в 04:09 

very interested in ordering 2 dragons one black with red accents and the second in 10 the (light blue). i will pay throught paypal email me with an invoice and instructions. kosherstar2882@aol.com. thank you

2013-09-07 в 05:39 

I'm from the USA and I would like to know how much it would cost to buy a white and a black dragon.
My email is laurenpadilla123@yahoo.com
Thanks :)

2013-09-07 в 07:05 

I want one of your dragons for my grandson most desperately!! Either a black one or a # 3 Bronze metallic one!!! Please contact me asap..

If they are very reasonable I may buy both! :)

Thank you in advance,

Loretta Cooper :)

2013-09-07 в 08:09 

Hello, I am from America and wish to purchase one of these amazing Dragons. Please contact me at Angel_of_h8@hotmail.com

2013-09-07 в 09:00 

Your dragon is is so beautiful! I think I would like to order one in one of the purple metallic colors, but I am unable to see the photo with the actual colors. It seems you will be very busy now, but please write to me when you can to discuss color choices, and confirm order and payment details. I can be reached at: jvickers01@yahoo.com. Thank you!

2013-09-07 в 14:55 

Wow, these are magnificent. l would be very interested in purchasing one or two................especially 1 before Christmas if possible?
Please can you send more details of the cost of the dragon in black and also in copper (no 3) and the P&P to UK............... donna@animalartistry.co.uk
Thank you in anticipation : )

2013-09-07 в 16:25 

Hi I also would like to purchase one of these dragons ,Please email me about pricing and availability . Thank you


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